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Rachel’s Legacy

For those of you who wondered why there have not been any new recipes posted here in a long while, I regret to inform you that Rachel passed away in late April after almost a full year’s battle with oral cancer.  Though she was taken from us at the young age of 26, Rachel had a rich life full of many hobbies and interests.  Of them all, this blog represented one of her strongest passions.

For those of us who loved her dearly, her family and friends, this blog remains a way for us to keep her memory alive and honor her mission “of proving to the culinary-challenged that cooking is easier than it looks.”  So we will continue to post recipes to this blog.  Perhaps fittingly, the first recipe that will be posted is “Grandma Grace’s Glazed Corned Beef”.  When I visited Rachel during the second week of April, she asked that I make my mother’s recipe for this blog.  The pictures you will see posted with this recipe are the last photos for this blog that she took.

While we will try to write in the spirit of Rachel’s postings by providing commentary, hints, and encouragement, please bear with us as our writing styles and knowledge will differ.  We will also take our best guess as to Rachel’s difficulty rating system (I used to argue with her that some recipes were more complicated than she rated them).  But we will continue to post recipes and remember Rachel always.

Some photos of Rachel at age 3.  A sign of things to come!

Helping make breaded zucchini

Rachel with Grandma Grace


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